Love opened my eyes to Florence

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10 years ago I would never have imagined myself falling in love with an old Italian city, and certainly not with a renaissance city mostly known for art and architecture.

The saying goes that “Love makes you blind”, but in my case love opened my eyes to travel experiences, that I had never noticed before and to a city that I today think is truly wonderful.

It was Maria, at that time my girlfriend, and now my wife, who made me open my eyes. She had a passion for Florence that I had never seen anybody have for any city and her passion opened my eyes to Florence.

Suddenly I could see why the city was special.

Maria also showed me, that Florence is much more than The Duomo and the great churches – she took me to other small churches and finally to Christmas Mass at the small Santi Apostoli Church.

She showed me that Florence is also much more than The Uffizi Galleries. She took me to smaller museums and finally led me the almost unknown graffiti by Michelangelo on Piazza della Signoria

From Piazza della Signoria she led me to other piazzas each with their own special atmosphere. The best of all these piazzas were Piazza Santo Spirito on the Oltrano side of the Arno River.

Piazza Santo Spirito is not grandiose as some of the other piazzas, and the church on the piazza is only not very popular, but the piazza is much more. The piazza is a fantastic place to grab a pizza, enjoy an espresso with the locals or just sit under the trees and watch the locals walk by and listen to the calming watery sounds of the little fountain. Every Sunday the piazza really comes alive when a local antiques market is held.

If you visit Florence, I truly recommend crossing the Arno and navigating your way through the small streets to Piazza Santo Spirito. When you arrive – please take your time to enjoy your stay, relax and let the atmosphere overwhelm you, then I will almost guarantee, that you will also fall in love with Florence.

If you, like us, fall in love with Italy, Florence and Piazza Santo Spirito, you will want to stay nearby on your next vacation. We found this great apartment, which we would like to test on the website.

Best of all, it is placed directly on our favorite piazza, which would be a perfect place for us to stay. Every morning should start on the balcony drinking an espresso or cappuccino, watching over Florence and wondering what experiences that the city will be offering us. After walking around Florence all day, it will be time to relax in the bathtub – maybe with a glass of wine.

Evenings will start by cooking our favorite Italian dishes before going to the main room of the apartment which is furnished and decorated in classic, romantic Italian style, which make you think of times gone by and making it an ideal place for relaxing.

Video of Piazza Santo Spirito with the Santo Spirito Church:


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